Day 52 – Sunday (10/14/18)


Next blog update will be posted by Saturday, October 20th, at midnight.


Hello everyone.  It has been quite a week.  Let’s start with a health update.  After having chemo in my body for 8 or so days now, I’m already seeing some positive effects.  First, my heart rate has come back down to normal.  Prior to my diagnosis, my resting heart rate was always between 65 and 75.  With Blobby, I was running 100-120.  My heart rate this week has returned to my normal levels.  Next, the cough that I had has gone away.  Also, I am no longer having night sweats.  It truly is amazing how fast the chemo seems to be working, from a symptom point of view.  Finally, I was going to mention that my “nerve/bone” pain had gone away, however this statement may be premature.  I thought everything was looking good on that front until this morning about 4:00am.  I started having the nerve pain again, this time it started in my lower back, and was shooting down both of my legs.  Advil and Tylenol got it under control, but time will tell if this will continue to be an issue.  The doctor thinks it is related to the cancer, and he originally told me it may be the 2nd or 3rd cycle before this symptom went away.  I guess I was hopeful with all the other positive changes, that this one would be gone now too.   Again, time will tell.

Now for the side-effects.  The above paragraph makes it sound like all is going great, which from my viewpoint it is.  However, there have been many side-effects I have been dealing with this week.  The number 1 issue has been my stomach.  I have had moderate to severe stomach issues all week, from nausea, to not wanting to eat/drink, to… well… probably too much information.  Fatigue has been another obstacle.  I have been sleeping between 12 and 14 hours a day this week.  It has been a chore to get up off the couch and actually do something.  This started getting some better on Friday night.  I think maybe this has been related to the prednisone.  I had to take this (and will have to take it) for the first 5 days of each chemo cycle.  It is a massive dose (doctor’s words).  It seems… maybe… that now that the 5 days are done… and the withdrawal days are done… that I am getting some energy back.  Ironically it seems like I will finally start feeling better just in time for them to hit me again, but that is how chemo goes I guess.  My weight has been a roller coaster also.  I gained 4 pounds on the day of the first chemo cocktail, then gained 1 to 2 pounds each day after… until Wednesday (which was the first day without the prednisone).  On Wednesday and Thursday I lost a lot of fluids (read between the lines), and I also lost 9 pounds and by Saturday I was back to my original weight on the day I started the chemo.  I discussed this with the doctor also, and he said the fluid retention and subsequent loss of fluid is something I need to expect each cycle also.  I guess looking at the end of week 1, I feel like maaaaaybee I am learning a pattern to expect for each cycle?  However, there are still a lot of unknowns (like what tomorrow and the next day will bring).  Side note… I still have my hair (well, as much as I had before the chemo).  Doc says I should lose it by week 3.  Time will tell, haha.

Dear heavenly Father, we now have 1 week in the books… 17 more to go.  My mind had run wild wondering how my body would react to the chemo, and like usual, my mind went to extremes.  Thankfully, the process has not been as bad as I thought, and You have everything under control and are helping me every step of the way.  I knew, through faith, You would take care of me, and You are proving Yourself trustworthy as always.  I pray that You will continue to be with me in the coming weeks, and that You will help me not catch any colds/viruses etc as winter approaches.  I know that my immune system will be weakened, and that complications can arise if I get sick.  I am learning that there are so many things that are not in my control, but I know that You have control, and I can rest in You.  Thank You Lord for continued strength and healing.  Amen.