Day 37 – Saturday (9/29/18)


Next blog update will be posted by Saturday, October 6th, at midnight.


Hello blog readers.  Some of you that check in daily may have noticed this week that my posts are getting later and later, even into the next day sometimes.  Truth be told, I’m physically hurting, and some evenings I can’t sit at my computer long enough to focus and write.  I mentioned on Day 35 one of the things I wanted to talk to the doctor about was the pain in my right arm.  That pain is now “transferred”, to include both of my hips.  Whether I’m standing, walking, sitting at my desk, I have this throbbing nerve pain in my hips and right arm.  Tylenol seems to help me manage the pain at this point.  When we talked with the doctor on Friday about this (at the time, it was only my arm.  The hips started late evening today), the doctor was honestly surprised.  He said, “Looking at your scans, I’m surprised that is the ONLY trouble your having!  I would have expected you to much worse off”.  Now, he believes the pains I’m having are indeed nerve pains caused by Big Blobby B pushing everything around.  With that said, he hopes that those pains will go away, or lessen, after the 1st or 2nd full chemo cycles.  Hearing the doctors comments really made me stop and thank God.  While I thought the pain I’m having was rough, I didn’t think about it how much worse it could be.

With the above information in mind, I’m going to change the blog structure/strategy going forward.  Instead of stressing that I didn’t post, or haven’t posted each day, I’m going to start doing a weekly post only.  My plan will be to make sure that a new post comes out by midnight each Saturday.  I’ll try to jot down notes as the week goes, and do a kind of weekly summary on my health and anything God revealed to me that week.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for being with me throughout this process.  You have given me strength to work and keep this blog updated for 37 days now.  Google analytics show that over 500 people have visited the blog.  I feel that You are using this blog in many ways.  I also feel that You will continue to use it, even though I’m needing to change the frequency of the updates.  I pray that You would bless every reader out there, and help them with whatever struggles they may be going through.  If any blog reader does not know You as their personal savior, I pray they would come to know You today.  I thank You for all the loving, caring, praying people You have put in my life, to help me through this time.  I’m looking forward to getting treatment started next week, and pray that in 18 – 22 weeks, I am cancer free.  I pray for the bone marrow biopsy on Monday, that the results would come back negative.  Thank You Lord for all You do, Amen.