Day 22 – Friday (9/14/18)

It’s FRIDAY!  The blog is going to be short and sweet tonight.  Now that I’m home from work for the day, my mind is already in weekend shutdown mode.

Health Update:  No Change.  I’m still feeling decent and able to go to work as though nothing is wrong.  Today was actually a really good day mentally (or stress wise).  Not having any expectations of doctors calling actually freed me to fully focus on the tasks at hand, without having this lingering in the back of my mind.

Thought for the day:  Thankfulness.  What was on my heart this morning was realizing how lucky I actually am.  I realized how great God has been to me throughout my entire life.  I recognize how great He will continue to be.  This got me thinking… what can I thank God for in the middle of this trial?  In no particular order, and realizing I’m missing many things:

  • Friends and Family
  • Colleagues and managers who support me
  • Church / brothers and sisters in Christ
  • The PET scan machine happening to be in town on the Sunday I needed it (when it only comes every other Sunday).
  • No pain through either biopsy
  • Catching this early (it seems). God poking at my stubbornness to get me to go to the doctor when I did.  I may have waited 4 weeks, but at least I didn’t wait years!
  • A wife and children who have been very understanding through everything, but especially on the evenings I just have to go straight to bed due to fatigue.
  • God giving me the idea for this blog, and knowing (through Google analytics) that I currently have 381 unique people reading it. (1) That is a massive encouragement to me knowing how many people care about me and are praying for me.  (2)  I’m confident God will use this blog in many powerful ways.  I will likely never know how all He uses it, but I know He is.

Dear heavenly Father, thank You.  Thank You for everything on my list.  Thank You for everything You have given me through my entire life, and for everything You will continue to provide.  I’m looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend that is actually NOT jam packed for once.  I pray this weekend will give my entire family the recharge we need after the last 3 weeks of roller coaster emotions, doctor’s visits, activities, etc.  While it is good to stay busy, it is also good to recharge.  Amen.