Day 124 – Tuesday (12/25/18)

Next blog update will TRY to be posted by Saturday, December 29th, at midnight.


Hello again everyone.  I have now been late updating the blog three times in a row!  Don’t worry though, I have another excuse!  This time, another family from our Church invited us to go with them to the Billy Graham Library on Saturday.  Time got away from us, and by the time I got home, it was close to midnight.  Church followed the next morning, then a sleepover at my parent’s house so we could celebrate Christmas with them on Christmas Eve.  Then Christmas day with my in-laws…  Needless to say, I’m just now getting a chance to sit down and focus.  I’m always thankful for the family time around Christmas, but I’m also thankful when it is over and I can just sit.  We don’t have very many plans the rest of the year, since my next chemo is Thursday (12/27/18), and if the pattern holds, I will feel pretty lousy for the next 8 to 10 days.  This chemo will be number 5 of 6.  We are so close!  The last chemo will be on 1/17/18.  (Side note, on the official week count, we have 11 down, 7 to go to get through the last chemo, and the following recovery period).

I’d like to take this opportunity to remind everyone the true purpose of the season.  It is not about getting presents.  It is about the coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ, to this earth to redeem us.  Please make sure to read Luke 2 this season and focus on what is really important.  Also, I’d like to mention one thing about the Billy Graham library.  I didn’t really know a whole lot about him going into this.  I obviously had heard about him, but never really took the time to understand who he was, and what all he did in an effort to spread the Gospel.  Going through the tour at the library was very interesting, and I was impressed that the focus stayed entirely on God and Salvation, not on Billy himself.  As you went room to room, you were presented the entire Gospel message, and given a chance to respond at the end.  It was truly awesome.  Also, this may sound weird, but for me personally, I have found a trigger that always seems to indicate the Holy Spirit is present and moving in a situation.  It is when I get “goose bumps”.  There have been numerous times where I have been listening to a preacher, or attending a revival, praying, or even just driving in my car listening to Christian radio, and I will get goose bumps… and it is as clear as can be that the Holy Spirit is talking and moving in whatever the situation is.  It’s hard to explain… hopefully you all can relate to this type of feeling in some manner…  Anyways, while going room to room in the tour, I have never had so many goose bumps/chills/etc in my life.  I am 100% confident that even after Billy’s death; God is using that library and tour in a mighty way to continue to bring people to Christ.  If you ever get an opportunity to visit the library, I strongly recommend it, and parking and admission is free.

Dear heavenly Father, thank You for the busy week I have had.  It helped keep my mind off of my health.  It was great being able to be with my family for Christmas celebrations, and be with friends from my Church family to go and see the Billy Graham Library.  Thank You for continuing to use the Library as a means to spread the Gospel.  I pray that many people will go to visit it and that if they don’t know You, that the Holy Spirit would draw them to you  I could clearly feel the Holy Spirit moving in that place.  Thank You Lord that You are not slack concerning Your promise, that You are longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.  Thank You for sending Your Son to die on the cross for our sins, that we could be saved.  Thank You for His resurrection, and for sending Your Holy Spirit to indwell within us.  You are an awesome God.  Amen.