Day 109 – Monday (12/10/18)

Next blog update will be posted by Saturday, December 15th, at midnight.

Hello again everyone.  I apologize for the post being a couple of days late.  We had a significant snowstorm hit this weekend, and to be honest, I got side-tracked and forgot all about the blog!  Nonetheless, another week is in the books.  9 down, 9 to go.  Welcome to the half-way point!  Honestly though, the week countdown is a little misleading.  I feel like I am more than half way done, as I had chemo cycle 4 of 6 this past Thursday (12/6/18).  The countdown includes the recovery weeks post chemo.  Speaking of recovery weeks, that is where I am now.  The 7 days after the chemo infusion seem to be the worst, and the pattern did not let me down this time around.  Like usual, my stomach has been in roller coaster mode, and I have had the typical weight gain / water retention with the prednisone that I have been experiencing.  Today was my 5th day of prednisone though, so I have that wrapped up now for this 4th cycle.  I suspect by the end of the week, I will start feeling better again, in preparation for cycle 5.  Cycle 5 is scheduled for 12/27/18, and then my 6th and final cycle is scheduled for 1/17/19.

While my kids were playing in the snow this morning, I sat outside and simply enjoyed the winter wonderland scene.  (I believe we officially got 13 inches of snow this weekend).  It was nice to see how inclement weather can bring community together.  I saw neighbors helping neighbors shovel driveways.  I saw neighbors checking in on each other, and delivering Christmas goodies.  There is a massive hill in our neighborhood, and I saw all the neighborhood kids playing together, sharing sleds, and having fun.  For a moment, I was able to completely forget that we live in a fallen world full of heartache, sadness, disease, etc, and sin.  The Bible tells us that we do live in a fallen world, and that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.  However, it also teaches that God had a rescue plan for us.  He sent His one and only Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for our sins.  He did not stay dead, but rose again 3 days later, and is living in Heaven today.  If we want to take part in God’s rescue plan, and have the Holy Spirit indwell within us, all we have to do is believe, ask, and receive.  I am so thankful that God provided this plan for us, so that we may have snowy days like today where I can sit and look around and know that there is hope.

Dear heavenly Father, thank You so much for continuing to heal my body from this cancer.  Each round of chemo is a mental and physical challenge, but You have proven that You are with me through it all, and are helping take the burden.  Thank You for beautiful snow days like today.  Thank You for giving me the time to slow down and just watch the world around me.  Thank You for reminding me that because of the work Jesus did on the cross, there is hope for this fallen world.  Please let us all be a light of that hope, and show that hope to others around us who may be looking for it.  You are an awesome God, and You continue to prove that to me everyday.  Thank You.  Amen.