Day 10 – Sunday (9/02/18)

Hi everyone!  Today was another step in the process to fully understand the extent of my situation.  My family took me to the hospital this morning for a scheduled PET scan (positron emission tomography).  This is the scan where they injected me with a special sugar solution that contained radioactive tracers.  Tumors in the body absorb sugar much faster than other cells, so they fill with the tracers and show up on the scan.  After the injection of the solution, I had to wait 1 hour.  Then they put me on the PET scan bed (it was a Siemens Biograph 6… for those technical people reading).  The scan itself took about 30 minutes.  The scan started at my head, and would scan for 3 minutes.  Then they would move the table 10cm (4 inches), and scan another 3 minutes.  This continued until they had scanned down below my waste.  They did not scan my legs.  The trick was, you had to lay completely still for these 30 minutes, so the image would not blur.  I think I did really well keeping still.  The only issue I had was my arms went numb during the test (I had to keep them over my head).  I didn’t realize they were numb until I was allowed to move them.  That was when the “prickly” feeling started all over them (I’m sure you all know the feeling I’m talking about).  All in all, the test went flawlessly, and they said they got some good pictures.  Unfortunately, the people doing the scanning are not allowed to “read” the scans and tell me what they saw.  The doctor who analyzes the scans and gives the report usually does it on Monday.  However, since tomorrow is a holiday, it will likely be Tuesday.  I expect a call on Tuesday afternoon letting me know the results and whether the pathologist had any luck.

Now let me take this opportunity to brag on God.  I found out through conversation during the PET scan that God, in his providentially perfect timing, had worked out some logistics I didn’t even know could have been an issue.  While the PET scan machine appears very similar to the CAT scan machine, they are apparently different.  The hospitals purchase and own CAT scan machines, but PET scan machines fall into a different category.  I was told our State has certain rules for medical equipment that exceeds a certain cost.  The PET scan machine falls into that category (too expensive).  The state only allows these machines to be in “mobile units” that travel to different areas around the state.  It just so happens that the mobile unit I used only comes to our town every other Sunday.  Talk about (God’s) perfect timing!  How convenient the time I needed the scan is the same weekend that the mobile unit scan machine is in town!  Thank you God for working that out in your infinite power!

Dear heavenly Father, thank You for helping me through the PET scan today.  Thank You for working out the logistics that I didn’t even know could have been a problem.  This helps reinforce the understanding of how little control I have over this or any situation, and how I just need to rest in the fact that You have it all under control.  I continue to pray that the results will be clear from this test and the pathology report on the biopsy.  I continue to pray for the lost.  As I saw at least two more people going through a PET scan today, it reminded me that there are a lot of people dealing with potential cancer diagnosis right there with me.  I don’t know the hearts of the two people I saw today, nor the hearts of anybody else that has been recently diagnosed.  What I do know, is that if they are going through this trial without knowing You, they have a hard road ahead.  I pray that if I come across anybody during my journey who is looking for hope, that they would see You in me, and that I can share with them the source of my hope.  1 Peter 3:15b “Always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you…”  Thank You Lord for all that you continue to do, each and every day.  Amen.